Related Work

In this page we collect recent work related to our object calculi in a direct way. The papers listed below are available from the original authors. There is of course a much larger literature on objects. A collection of links related to the foundations of object-oriented languages can be found in the OO Type Theory ( page.

Flow Logic for Imperative Objects [ps.Z](

Flemming Nielson and Hanne Riis Nielson

From Classes to Objects via Subtyping [ps.gz]

Didier Rémy

Explicit Substitutions for Objects and Functions [ps]

Martínez López and Delia Kesner

Full Abstraction for First-Order Objects with Recursive Types and Subtyping [Proc. LICS'98]

Ramesh Viswanathan

Operational equivalences for untyped and polymorphic object calculi [html](

Andrew Gordon

Efficient Inference of Object Types

Jens Palsberg

Bisimilarity for a First-Order Calculus of Objects with Subtyping

Andrew Gordon and Gareth Rees

Polymorphic Methods With Self Types for ML-like Languages

Dominic Duggan

An interpretation of Typed Objects into Typed -calculus [html](

Davide Sangiorgi

Objects as Mobile Processes [html](

Hans Hüttel and Josva Kleist

Object Types and Modal Formulae [Proc FOOL 4](

Dan Andersen, Lars Pedersen, Hans Hüttel, and Josva Kleist

Breaking Through the n^3 Barrier: Faster Object Type Inference [Proc FOOL 4]( [ftp]

Fritz Henglein

Comparing Object Encodings []

Kim B. Bruce, Luca Cardelli, Benjamin C. Pierce

A Logic for Object-Oriented Programs [](

Martin Abadi, Rustan Leino

An Extended Theory of Primitive Objects: First Order Systems [ps]

Luigi Liquori

An Object Calculus with Algebraic Rewriting

Adriana Compagnoni, Maribel Fernandez

Compilation and Equivalence of Imperative Objects [html]

Andrew D. Gordon, Paul D. Hankin and S. B. Lassen

Relating Semantic Models for the Object Calculus [html](

Luca Aceto, Anna Ingólfsdóttir, Hans Hüttel and Josva Kleist

Imperative Objects and Mobile Processes

Davide Sangiorgi and Josva Kleist

Type Inference for Recursive Definitions [Proc. LICS'99]

Assaf J. Kfoury and Santiago M. Pericas-Geertsen

Subtyping for Object Type Constructors [html]

Dominic Duggan, Adriana Compagnoni

Foundations for Extensible Objects with Roles [html]

Giorgio Ghelli, Debora Palmerini

Migration = Cloning ; Aliasing [html]

Hans Hüttel, Josva Kleist, Massimo Merro, Uwe Nestmann

Object Calculi for Dynamic Messages [html]

Michele Bugliesi, Silvia Crafa

A Concurrent Object Calculus: Reduction and Typing [html](

Andrew D. Gordon and Paul D. Hankin

Object Types against Races [Proc. Concur'99]

Cormac Flanagan and Martín Abadi

Depth Subtyping and Type Inference for Object Calculi [Proc. FOOL7]

Michele Bugliesi and Santiago Pericas-Geersten

A Distributed Object Calculus [Proc. FOOL7]

Alan Jeffrey

Type Inference with Simple Selftypes is NP-Complete []

Jens Palsberg and Trevor Jim

Ionic Types [Proc ECOOP'00]

Simon Dobson and Brian Matthews

A Formalization of a Concurrent Object Calculus up to Alpha-Conversion [Proc CADE'00]

Guillaume Gillard

Smantique Naturelle et Coq : vers la spcification et les preuves sur les langages objets [INRIA Report]

Olivier Laurent

Implementing a Program Logic of Objects in a Higher-Order Logic Theorem Prover  [Proc TPHOL'00]

Martin Hofmann and Francis Tang

An Interpretation of Typed Concurrent Objects in the Blue Calculus  [Proc TCS'00, LNCS 1872]

Silvano Dal Zilio

Local Pi-Calculus at Work: Mobile Objects as Mobile Processes  [Proc TCS'00, LNCS 1872]

M. Merro, J. Kleist, and U. Nestmann

Reasoning about objects using process calculi techniques  [Ph.D. Thesis]

Josva Kleist

Object Calculi in Linear Logic [ps](

M. Bugliesi, G. Delzanno, L. Liquori and M. Martelli