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Artwork by Luca Cardelli (unless otherwise noted)
Logo for the Microsoft - University of Trento Centre for Computational and Systems Biology
Book cover for A Theory of Objects

Logo for Foundations Of Aspect-Oriented Languages

Logos for Logic in Computer Science
Logos for Foundations of Object Oriented Languages

Logo for Federated Logic Conference '96

Logo for Newton Institute Program on Semantics of Computation

Logo for ML-2000

Logo for Obliq

Book cover for ML Book

Book cover for Theoretical Aspects of Object Oriented Programming

Proceedings cover for LICS'90

Uber Interfaces (a tribute to J.Stolfi)

Cartoon for Obliq (by J.Stolfi)

Cartoon for Dynamic Typing in Polymorphic Languages (by J.Stolfi)

Cartoon for An Extension of System F with Subtyping

Cartoon for Subtyping Recursive Types
Cartoon for Abstract Types and the Dot Notation

Cartoon for A Semantic Basis for Quest

Cartoon for Explicit Substitution

Cartoon for Modula3

Cartoon for Operations on Records

Cartoon for Dynamic Typing in a Statically Typed Language

Cartoon for Typeful Programming

Original 48x48 bitmaps for "face mail" at Bell Labs.











Some of the earliest Bell Labs "faces". Scanned on equipment provided (so to speak) by Theo Pavlidis; reduced by convolution software from the acustics (!) lab.
 ArnoPenzias, AndrewHume, AndyKoenig, BartLocanthi, BjarneStroustrup, BrianKernigan, DaveMacQueen, DannySlator, DennisRitchie, DougMcIlroy, GerardHolzmann, GregNelson, HaniaGajewska, MarkKahrs, KenThompson, MikeLesk, LucaCardelli, MarkManasse, PeterWeinberger, DavePresotto, RobPike, SallyBrowning, SteveFortune, TomDuff, TheoPavlidis.
Software developed while I was at Digital Equipment Corporation, Systems Research Center.
FSub: Version 1.5.0, Version 1.6.0 for Modula-3 v3.6 by Allan Heydon

LicsX [.zip]

A collection of fonts assembled from most of the funny characters found in the Logic In Computer Science proceedings. They have composable arrows; technically an infinite number of them.
Lics (Obsolete) [.zip], Lics2 (Obsolete) [.zip].
Dijkstra [.ttf (2013 updated version by Reuben Thomas)] [.zip (old PC)] [.hqx (old Mac)] [Preview.pdf]
A beautiful handwriting font of unknown origin, first popularized by E.W.Dijkstra. Excellent for slides that appear to be carefully written, and for short, deep technical notes.
Chars 0-255 [.zip]
A plain text document containing all the ASCII characters.